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Where to start?

There are a few places that an engineer should look when interested in contributing to Open-FCoE:

  • The Open-FCoE mailing list
  • The linux-scsi mailing list


Open-FCoE was designed to be a Low Level Driver (LLD) of the Linux SCSI subsystem. We will discuss changes on, but all kernel code changes must be approved by the linux-scsi list and ultimately the Linux community before they are accepted into the kernel. FCoE user tools patches are finalized and applied at against its user tools git code repositories but kernel patches agreed upon by the Open-FCoE community will be collected by linux-scsi mailing list, so should be send directly linux-scsi while CCed to for their review and acceptance.


At the time of this page's writing there is no formal process for reporting new defects. The easiest way to report a defect would be to mail

Code Submission

When you've fixed a bug please provide the changes in the form of a patch file. We expect all kernel style conventions to be adhered to. Please ask on the development mailing list if you're not sure which repository to create your patch against.


We expect the following format for patches submitted to the mailing list.

  1. Please post patches in the mail body, not as attachments.
  2. Please post with plain-text only.
  3. Please provide a “Signed-off” line.
  4. Please prefix the title of your patch with something appropriate. For example, “libfc: This patch fixes something”. This allows us to easily keep track of patches for our code base and not the rest of the kernel. Investigate the 'git log' to see what other developers are using as prefixes.

man Pages

We use the 'a2x' command to convert an Asciidoc text file to both manpage format as well as other formats. If you are making changes to a man page please edit the corresponding .txt file in the doc/ directory. Next run 'make' which will run 'a2x' and generate the man page. Simply update your patch contribution with both the changes to the .txt file as well as the created .8 (man page) file. This process allows us to use the .txt file as the master document and all other formats are simply formatted versions of the original.

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